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Jul 29, 2019 · Gasoline weighs about 6.1 pounds per gallon. Diesel weights about 7.1 pounds per gallon. Both gasoline and diesel engines use about 0.6 pound of fuel per horsepower per hour. On average, diesel fuel contains about 140,000 BTUs per gallon or 10 percent more energy than the same volume of gasoline. Where does it go when it is consumed?
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To estimate flow, simply multiply 1,200 horsepower x 0.9 BSFC = 1,080 pounds of projected fuel per hour. When we divide that by 8 injectors and add 15-percent for a duty cycle safety margin (85-percent maximum injector duty cycle) we come up with 155 lbs/hr. for each injector.
Calculating Boat Fuel Consumption. Your boat’s fuel consumption is not nearly as easy to figure out compared to your car or truck. By Brett Becker. Updated ... Injector Size = (Engine HP (Flywheel)) x (BSFC) (# of injectors) x (Duty Cycle) Injector Size Flow rate in lbs/hr Engine HP Maximum horsepower at the flywheel BSFC Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) is the lbs. of fuel an engine consumes per HP per hour. It is sim-ply a measure of how efficiently an engine is at converting fuel to horsepower. * Brake Specific Fuel Consumption: is the amount of fuel consumed (in lbs. per hour) for each horsepower made. This should be .45 to .50 for naturally aspirated engines, .55 to .60 for supercharged engines, and .60 to .65 for turbocharged engines. ** Maximum Injector Duty Cycle should be around 80% max for safe operation.
Fuel Type Fuel Unit Cost Per Unit BTU's Per Unit Efficiency % Per 100 Million BTU; Coal: Short Ton(2000 lbs.) $ Coal: 40 lb. Bag $ Coal: 50 lb. Bag $ Wood: Full Cord (8'*4'*4') $ Wood Pellets: Short Ton(2000 lbs.) $ Wood Pellets: 40 lb. bag $ Fuel Oil No. 2: Gallon $ 138,690 Kerosene: Gallon $ 135,000 Electric (Resistance) kiloWatt-hour (kWh ... Number Of Track Rollers Per Side. 7. Number Of Shoes Per Side. 41. ... Fuel Capacity. 101.2 gal. ... 161 hp. Operating Weight 44092.5 lb. Novavax on Monday said it has started a late-stage study of its COVID-19 vaccine in the United States and Mexico. Gavino Garay reports. Btu/hour x 0.293 071 Btu/minute x 17.584 267 Btu/second x 1055.056 calories/hour x 0.001 163 # calories/minute x 0.069 78 # calories/second x 4.1868 # ft lb-force/minute x 0.022 597 ft lb-force/second x 1.355 82 gigawatts [GW] x 1 000 000 000 horsepower (electric) x 746 # horsepower (metric) x 735.499 watts [W] 1 joules/hour divide by 3600 # joules/minute divide by 60 # joules/second 1 kilocalories/hour x 1.163 kilocalories/minute x 69.78 kg-force metres/hour x 0.002 724 kg-force metres ...
As horsepower increases so does the volume of fuel required to support that power. A good estimator of volume to power is approximately 10 hp per gallon or 2.64 hp per liter. For example if your pump flows at 50 gph it should be able to support a 500 hp engine (50 x 10 = 500). Oct 12, 2014 · Q: About how much fuel per hour does a medium-sized aircraft such as the 737 burn? — Jordan, Toronto A: In round numbers, a 737 will burn 5,000 pounds (750 gallons) an hour.
10 horsepower hour in gallon [U.S.] of diesel oil = 0.18321864 hph 50 horsepower hour in gallon [U.S.] of diesel oil = 0.9160932 hph 100 horsepower hour in gallon [U.S.] of diesel oil = 1.83218639 hph Jun 13, 2003 · If I remember correctly ours were somewhere around 40 liters/hour unless you don't tighten the the fuel tank cap. Then the average fuel consumption goes up to somewhere around 100 liters per hour Frank (1 US gal = 3,78 Liter), (1 GB gal = 4,54 Liter)
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